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Ford of Canada 1904-2004 Ford of Canada 1904 - 2004

An Old Autos Pictorial Roll Call

Told through more than 100 black-and-white pictures found exclusively in Ford of Canada's archives, this book is a dream come true for loyal fans of Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Monarch, Edsel, Meteor and Frontenac. Tracing Ford of Canada's history from humble beginnings in 1904, historian James C. Mays spent many months in the company's archives in Oakville, Ontario assembling a century of history from among tens of thousands of images.

Included in this picture showcase are Fords from the UK and West Germany that were sold in Canada. Each picture is accompanied with priceless Canadian stats; with more than 100 pages of pix, this is the ultimate Ford book for Blue Oval fans.

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Nash Kelvinator in WWII

A Car and a Refrigerator Go to War:
Nash-Kelvinator in World War Two

Automotive historian James C. Mays brings us the almost forgotten story of home front heroes who gave their all by fighting Hitler and Tojo with a lunchbox and a time card. Interviews with men and women who worked at Nash Motors during the war years, added to meticulous research in company documents and framed by events as recorded in the Kenosha Evening News, help to tell this incredible saga. The book contains many rare, once classified photographs as well as award-winning wartime advertising from Nash-Kelvinator.

Far more than an automotive history, this volume is a long overdue salute to one of America’s independent automobile manufacturers and its dedicated employees who rose to extraordinary heights as they triumphed over evil. Here is a book every freedom-loving citizen will be proud to own and read time and time again.

FREE  - (Download HERE) A Car and a Refrigerator Go to War: Nash-Kelvinator in WWII is an insightful look at the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and its commitment to victory during World War Two.

The Savvy GuideThe Savvy Guide to
Buying Collector Cars at Auction

The Savvy Guide series to intelligent living now includes Buying Collector Cars at Auction. This is an insightful--and often funny-look at the glitz and glamour of the high-powered world of public auctions as it applies to vintage vehicles

Divided into thirteen easy-to-read chapters, the book is an A-to-Z guide to everything one needs to know to be familiar with the antique car auction scene. With as many different kinds of auctions as there are winter driving conditions, Mays takes great pains to carefully explain them all. The book is filled with fascinating stories and great trivia, too.

Meet the owners of the great auction houses and some of the other major players in personal profiles. Auction action is outlined in a realistic blow-by-blow format. The author takes readers through a complete auction event in a clear concise language: his descriptive narrative makes readers feel as if they are in the centre of the arena.

Readers will enjoy learning about myths and common pitfalls that first-time auction-goers often encounter and learn to avoid many different mistakes. Learn to dissect an auctioneer's patter and understand what is said in order to bid with confidence The book is a terrific education and even the most casual reader will look and feel like a pro on the auction floor.

An appendix for auction terms and another for automobile terms is included. The book is written for both Canadians and Americans and contains the most recent information available.

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Ford RancheroFord Ranchero 1957-1979 Photo History

When car met truck in Dearborn's design studios, the stylish Ranchero was the head turning result. Carefully researched in Ford's archives, automotive historian James C. Mays pays tribute to Ranchero, telling the complete story in rich detail. Thoughtfully included are price and options lists, production, sales and export figures. This indispensable reference includes the unique Canada-only Meteor Ranchero as well as the Australian versions.

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Ford and Canada - 100 Years Together book.Ford and Canada: 100 Years Together

The Definitive Centennial Book

Ford and Canada have shared a century of unforgettable events and remarkable achievements. From humble beginnings on August 17, 1904, this is an energy-charged timeline of an American automaker and a British colony that grew up together—one becoming a mighty industrial powerhouse and the other an enlightened nation. Meticulously researched in the archives at Ford of Canada, the book is filled with historic photos and marvellous tidbits of information. Here is a joyous celebration that will delight readers the world over.

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From Kanosha to the World book cover.From Kenosha to the World
The Rambler, Jeffery and Nash Truck Story, 1904-1955

Nash was the most successful of the independent automakers, yet few know this exciting story. Nash was once the world’s largest manufacturer of trucks. Automotive historian James C. Mays has carefully researched the subject and brought together the often astonishing facts for the very first time. This is not simply the story of an auto manufacturer who built trucks, it is the spectacular saga of America as she grew up. This very readable tale showcases the trucks that helped to build the modern world. Guaranteed to enthrall truck lovers and Nash fans the world over.

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The American Motors Century The American Motors Century

A fascinating time-line book of events that made the last of the independent auto makers so great. The entire history of the company is told in bite-sized day, month and year factoids. Carefully researched for accuracy by automobile historian James C. Mays, hundreds of sources were studied for dates and historical tidbits. The illustrations are by automotive artist Elton McFall, whose artwork appears regularly in Vintage Trucks. Jam-packed with milestone events, successes and tragedies, this is the one book that every AMC fan will want to own.

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Rambler Canada: The Little Company that CouldRambler Canada: The Little Company that Could

Voted 'Best Read' by the Ontario Library Association

Celebrating the company's 100th anniversary, auto historian James Mays spins the saga of the boldest of the nation's independent auto makers. This is one manufacturing tale that never lets up off the accelerator. Industrial espionage, bold gambles and intrigue were the order of the day at Nash, Hudson and American Motors. Told only as the award-winning Mays can tell a story, this book will delight fans of the American Motors family of fine vehicles as well as Canadiana buffs.

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Rescued + Restored:  Canadians and Their Collectable CarsRescued & Restored: Canadians and their Collectable Cars

Fascinating tales of often unique-to-Canada automobiles and the dynamic Canadian automobile industry are told by award-winning auto historian James Mays. More than twenty-five lovingly restored vehicles from every part of Canada are profiled. Beaumont, Monarch, Dodge Brothers and a host of other cars from the versatile Model T to the classy AMC Eagle wagon are immortalized in this book. Interviews with people who worked in auto manufacturing and detailed historical research make this a rich treasure trove of Canadian automobile lore.

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